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- Size: 110 cm height

- Multiple finnish colors

- Free shipping in Europe. For the rest of the world we can arrange shipment at very low costs.

- PRICE: 2400 Euro - all taxes included.

Please contact us for more informations.

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Customized Statues and Busts

One of our main areas of activity is manufacturing customized statues, busts and reliefs, according to customer demand. Our company offers complete solutions to make the statue exactly like the picture or the model sent by the client, of any size and from different materials: cement marble, plaster, marble, bronze, brass, resin.

We offer professional solutions for any project to achive the quality, originality and the complete satisfaction of the clients, in this domain. All our projects have a short production time, according to the complexity of it.

Specialists in remaking monuments, statues, basreliefs, busts, we completly remake any work-of-arts or monuments who cannot be reconditioned, based on pictures and description offered by the client and after an evaluation made by our company. The prices will be established accordingly to each work-of-art separatly, according to it's complexity, the chosen material and the size of it. For more information or price quotation feel free to contact us.

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Statues, Fountains and Other Cement Products Mottled

As serial products, we have more than 500 models in the following categories: statuettes, statues, busts, fountains, pots, planters, garden furniture, garden gnomes, columns, ornamental vases, bases and other decorative items. Series products are the perfect solution handy for setting style at affordable prices, to any type of space (gardens, terraces, hotels, houses, parks, restaurants, pools).

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Statues, fountains and other bronze products

We offer a wide and varied range of statues and fountains made of bronze. We become noticed, in the bronze home and garden products, by offering excellent quality, special finishes and bronze patina, and a very good price / quality report. In this category, you will find statues, animals, fountains, ornamental pots.

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Statues, fountains and other marble products

We offer a wide range of home and garden products made of marble. You can find the next type categories of products: animals, statues, busts and fountains.

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